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Eberle Manufacturing Co.
Excellence in Thermoforming Tools Since 1958

At Eberle Manufacturing, "Quality" is a concept practiced by the entire work force. It is reflected by our clean, air conditioned state-of-the-art shop. We have also maintained a commitment to continually update our equipment, utilizing the latest in computers, precision CNC machining technology, and sophisticated inspection calibration equipment.

Custom Water Pressure Stand for testing molds.

Continuous education and training is provided to our employees, concentrating on the latest procedures and techniques.

The net result of this philosophy and commitment is the ability to produce unique and sophisticated components from exotic materials, while holding very close tolerances.

Quality Assurance
  • (1) Edmunds Trendsetter Electronic Air Gauge Column
  • Sheffield Cordax 1805 CMM
  • (1) Rank Taylor Hobson Talyrond 30, Up to .000020” Resolution
  • (1) Federal Dimensionair, Air Gauge with “Zero” Mastering, .000010” Resolution
  • (1) Brown & Sharp Tesa with Tesa with .000005” Resolution
  • (1) Brown & Sharp Tesa-Hite Electronic Digital 24” (Height Gauge)
  • (1) Scherr Tumico 3550 Series 14” Optical Comparator with Fiber Optic Edge Sensor, and Quadra-Check 2000 Geometric Computations with Digital Readout
  • (3) Scherr Tumico Comparator with Digital Readout
  • (6) Sunnen PG-800 Precision Hole Gauges with Setting Fixtures and Extension Points to Combined Range” .370-2.900”, .000050” Resolution
  • (5) Starrett Sigma HE400 Projector/Comparator
  • (1) Rank Precision Surtronic 3 Finish Analyzer
  • (1) Meiji Stereoscope with Fiber Optic Lighting
  • (1) DEA Swift CMM with Tutor for Windows Software
  • (1) Scherr Tumico 30” Optical Comparator with Quadra-Check and Edge Detector (10x, 20x, 50x Lenses)
  • (1) Mitutoyo Measurlink SPC Software
  • (1) Nikon SMZ645 Microscope
  • (1) Optical Gagging Product (OGP), Smart Scope Flush 30
  • (1) Mitutoyo Profilometer SJ400
  • (2) Mahr Federal Gauges

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